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Pet Whisperer P.I. Book #16

Scheming Sphynx eBook


It all started when a vengeful seagull with a shady past promised to wage a brutal war against my wedding day. Things snowballed pretty quickly from there.

I always thought my special day would be perfect. Now, all I want is to get through it without any major catastrophes.

And that's pretty hard with four hyped-up cats running underfoot—two who are so desperately in love it makes you want to puke, and two more who very much don't want me as their new stepmother and aren't afraid to tell me so... constantly.

By the time a certain friend shows up with the film crew for her floundering reality TV in tow, I know I'm in big trouble.

Not only could I fail to make it down the aisle, but I also risk exposing my biggest, most intimate secret.

So when all is finally said and done, will I be saying "I do" to the man of my dreams or admitting "I can" when forced to confess to my Pet Whisperer abilities?


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Scheming Sphynx eBook