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Merlin's Magical Mysteries Book #3

Merlin Kills a Zombie eBook


When my cat brought me a dead bird as a present, I cringed.

When that dead bird suddenly flitted back to life, I screamed.

At first, I shrugged it off as one of the random things that happens when your roommate is a magical cat, but then it kept happening.

Turns out a familiar foe is creating an army of undead creatures with the goal of forcing us to surrender. But Merlin and I refuse to let dark magic prevail—not when the entire existence of magic is now at stake.

And if magic dies, so too will all who wield it.

Oh no, my cat will NOT become a casualty in this unholy war. I’m ready to fight my way through a million zombies and then take out the big bad, too. Nothing can come between this witchy cat and his familiar—and I’m ready to prove it.


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Merlin Kills a Zombie eBook