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    Pet Whisperer P.I. Book #12

    Legal Seagull Paperback



    DIGI-SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR: an exclusive perk only available via this shop

    Just as I was beginning to think we’d never find the last missing member of our long-lost family, a seagull named Bravo shows up with both a promise and a threat.

    He claims he’s been watching me for a long time—even before I gained my strange ability to talk to animals. He also says that if I help settle a dispute between warring flocks, then he’ll personally take me to see the one person I’ve been all but dying to meet. If I refuse to help, however, he’ll send an army of mercenary woodpeckers to destroy my house. Yikes!

    Unfortunately, I’ve already promised Octo-Cat that I’ll take him on a cross-country trip to visit his girlfriend out in Colorado. With Nan and I on the road, it falls to Charles and Pringle to investigate in our absence.

    Will they be able to solve the case according to the flock’s satisfaction? What shocking secrets has Nan been keeping from me now? And will I be able to survive more than 70 hours in the car with my complaining kitty?

    The mysteries abound in our most unusual adventure yet.

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    Legal Seagull Paperback